* New first-boot configuration wizard added
  * Recommended Software installer added
  * Bluej, Greenfoot, NodeRED, Claws Mail, VNC Viewer removed from image - can now be installed from Recommended Applications
  * Qpdfview PDF viewer installed instead of Xpdf
  * Version 65.0 of Chromium browser included, with latest Flash player
  * Volume up / down keys now change by 5% increments and affect currently-selected output device rather than internal device only
  * Network plugin now remembers previously-entered WiFi network passwords when prompting for reconnection
  * Serial port and serial console can now be switched separately in Raspberry Pi Configuration
  * Lxkeymap keyboard language setting application removed - replaced with dialog within Raspberry Pi Configuration
  * Wifi country and keyboard language setting dialogs in Raspberry Pi Configuration now callable from other applications
  * New version of Piboto font included to render with correct weight under some rogue applications
  * Reconnection to Bluetooth audio devices on reboot improved
  * Disable click-to-rename behaviour in file manager if single-click selection enabled
  * Appearance Settings dialog makes config changes to some Qt files to match selected theme
  * MIME file type associations improved
  * Multiple desktop management options removed from mouse middle-click menu
  * Menu shortcuts to Raspberry Pi website amended
  * Python 2 IDLE menu link removed
  * Sample Magpi PDF installed in /home/pi/MagPi
  * Various minor tweaks, bug fixes and appearance changes
  * Bluetooth updates
    - Firmware with Bluetooth 4.2 features
    - SCO profile suppot added via bthelper.service
  * Linux kernel 4.14.50+
  * Raspberry Pi firmware 748fb17992426bb29d99224b93cb962fefbdc833  


$ ls -l ./
-rw-r--r-- 1 mk mk 366870528 6月 30 03:02 ./
$ sha256sum
$ echo 3271b244734286d99aeba8fa043b6634cad488d211583814a2018fc14fdca313

Transmission-gtk の該当Torrentで右クリックし,「ローカルデータを検証」を行うとダウンロードファイルが99%になりました.この状態でしばらく放置すると再度100%になり,今度はハッシュ値が合致しました.なぜこういう動きになったのかは謎です…….



$ dpkg-query -W transmission-gtk
transmission-gtk        2.94-1+b1
$ dpkg-query -W transmission-common
transmission-common     2.94-1
$ lsb_release -d
Description:    Debian GNU/Linux unstable (sid)
$ uname -m


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