Googleドライブにコマンドラインでアクセスできる skicka を少し試してみました.

$ GOPATH=~/go
$ PATH=${PATH}:~/go/bin
$ go get

init コマンドで設定ファイルを生成します.
設定ファイルは ~/.skicka.config として作れれます.
認証情報は`~/.skicka.tokencache.json` に保存されます.
メタデータは ~/.skicka.metadata.cache に保存されます.

$ skicka init
$ skicka ls

サーバなどでウェブブラウザを起動するのが難しい場合は -no-browser-authls コマンドの に付けて起動すると認証URLが表示されるのでそれを操作PCなどで開いて認証を行い,表示された認証コードをコマンドラインに貼り付けます.

$ skicka -no-browser-auth ls
Go to the following link in your browser:
Enter verification code: 4/iwBrjQFEvm2p0nQGXJuRQgTZFZZ6BmXkT7Up7Wl3UYS7NWEyiltTc6E
$ ~/go/bin/skicka
usage: skicka [skicka options] <command> [command options]

Supported commands are:
  cat       Print the contents of the given file
  download  Download a file or folder hierarchy from Drive to the local disk
  df        Display free space on Drive
  du        Report disk usage for a folder hierarchy on Drive
  fsck      Check consistency of files in Drive and local metadata cache
  genkey    Generate a new encryption key
  init      Create an initial skicka configuration file
  ls        List the contents of a folder on Google Drive
  mkdir     Create a new folder or folder hierarchy on Drive
  rm        Remove a file or folder on Google Drive
  upload    Upload a local file or directory hierarchy to Drive

'skicka help' prints more detailed documentation.
$ ~/go/bin/skicka help                                                                                                             [45/2151]
skicka is a tool for working with files and folders on Google Drive.
See for information about getting started.

usage: skicka [common options] <command> [command options]

Commands and their options are:
  cat        Print the contents of the Google Drive file to standard output.
             Arguments: drive_path ...

  download   Recursively download either a single file, or all files from a
             Google Drive folder to a local directory. If the corresponding
             local file already exists and has the same contents as the its
             Google Drive file, the download is skipped.
             Arguments: [-ignore-times] [-download-google-apps-files]
                        drive_path local_path

  df         Prints the total space used and amount of available space on
             Google Drive.

  du         Print the space used by the Google Drive folder and its children.
             Arguments: [drive_path ...]

  fsck       [EXPERIMENTAL/NEW] Use at your own risk.
             Perform a number of consistency checks on files stored in Google
             Drive, including verifying metadata and removing duplicate files
             with the same name.
             Arguments: [--trash-duplicates] [drive_path]

  help       Print this help text.

  genkey     Generate a new key for encrypting files.

  init       Create an initial ~/.skicka.config configuration file. (You
             will need to edit it before using skicka; see comments in the
             configuration file for details.)

  ls         List the files and directories in the given Google Drive folder.                                                                          [8/2151]
             Arguments: [-d, -l, -ll, -r] [drive_path ...],
             where -l and -ll specify long (including sizes and update
             times) and really long output (also including MD5 checksums),
             respectively.  The -r argument causes ls to recursively list
             all files in the hierarchy rooted at the base directory, and
             -d causes directories specified on the command line to be
             listed as files (i.e., their contents aren't listed.)

  mkdir      Create a new directory (folder) at the given Google Drive path.
             Arguments: [-p] drive_path ...,
             where intermediate directories in the path are created if -p is

  rm         Remove a file or directory at the given Google Drive path.
             Arguments: [-r, -s] drive_path ...,
             where files and directories are recursively removed if -r is
             specified and the google drive trash is skipped if -s is
             specified. The default behavior is to fail if the drive path
             specified is a directory and -r is not specified, and to send
             files to the trash instead of permanently deleting them.

  upload     Uploads all files in the local directory and its children to the
             given Google Drive path. Skips files that have already been
             Arguments: [-ignore-times] [-encrypt] [-follow-symlinks <maxdepth>]
                        local_path drive_path

Options valid for both "upload" and "download":
  -dry-run         Don't actually upload or download, but print the paths of
                   all files that would be transferred.
  -ignore-times    Normally, skicka assumes that if the timestamp of a local
                   file matches the timestamp of the file on Drive and the
                   files have the same size, then it isn't necessary to
                   confirm that the file contents match. The -ignore-times
                   flag can be used to force checking file contents in this

General options valid for all commands:
  -config <filename>     General skicka configuration file. Default: ~/.skicka.config.
  -debug                 Enable debugging output.
  -dump-http             Dump http traffic.
  -metadata-cache-file <filename>
                         File to store metadata about Google Drive contents.
                         Default: ~/.skicka.metadata.cache
  -no-browser-auth       Disables attempting to open the authorization URL in a web
                         browser when initially authorizing skicka to access Google Drive.
  -quiet                 Suppress non-error messages.
  -tokencache <filename> OAuth2 token cache file. Default: ~/.skicka.tokencache.json.
  -verbose               Enable verbose output.
$ skicka upload ~/Pictures/$(ls -tr1 ~/Pictures/|tail -1) /
Files:  14.41 KiB / 14.41 KiB [====================================================================================================================] 100.00% 3s
2018/11/04 17:45:32 Preparation time 1s, sync time 3s
2018/11/04 17:45:32 Updated 1 Drive files, 0 local files
2018/11/04 17:45:32 14.41 kiB read from disk, 0 B written to disk
2018/11/04 17:45:32 14.41 kiB uploaded (3.98 kiB/s), 0 B downloaded (0 B/s)
2018/11/04 17:45:32 52.08 MiB peak memory used
$ skicka ls|grep jpg
$ skicka rm 20181104_17:11:45-30082.jpg
$ diff ~/Pictures/20181104_17:11:45-30082.jpg /tmp/20181104_17:11:45-30082.jpg
$ ls -l ~/Pictures/20181104_17:11:45-30082.jpg /tmp/20181104_17:11:45-30082.jpg
-rw-r--r-- 1 matoken matoken 14760 11月  4 17:41 /home/matoken/Pictures/20181104_17:11:45-30082.jpg
-rw-r--r-- 1 matoken matoken 14760 11月  4 17:41 /tmp/20181104_17:11:45-30082.jpg
$ skicka rm /20181104_17:11:45-30082.jpg

skickaには暗号化機能があります.upload時に -encrypt オプションを付与することによりファイルを暗号化してGoogleドライブに保存できます.そのためには準備が必要です.
SKICKA_PASSPHRASE という環境変数にパスフレーズを設定した状態で,skicka genkey を実行して生成された情報を設定ファイルの ~/.skicka.config に書き込みます.

$ read -sp "skicka pass: " SKICKA_PASSPHRASE && export SKICKA_PASSPHRASE && skicka genkey
skicka pass: ; Add the following lines to the [encryption] section
; of your ~/.skicka.config file.
$ vi ~/.skicka.config
$ grep -A5 encryption ~/.skicka.config
        ; Run 'skicka genkey' to generate an encyption key.

upload時に -encrypt を指定すると暗号化され,.aes256 という拡張子付きで保存されます.

$ skicka mkdir encryption
$ skicka upload -encrypt ~/Pictures/20181105_19\:11\:18-8911.jpg /encryption/
$ skicka ls /encryption/

元のファイル名ではダウンロードできず,.aes256 拡張子付きのファイル名ではダウンロードできた.このファイルは .aes256 の拡張子付きのままだが,復号されている.

$ skicka download /encryption/20181105_19:11:18-8911.jpg ./
skicka: /encryption/20181105_19:11:18-8911.jpg: not found on Drive
$ skicka download /encryption/20181105_19:11:18-8911.jpg.aes256 ./
$ file ./20181105_19\:11\:18-8911.jpg.aes256
./20181105_19:11:18-8911.jpg.aes256: JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.01, aspect ratio, density 1x1, segment length 16, baseline, precision 8, 933x600, frames
$ identify ./20181105_19\:11\:18-8911.jpg.aes256
./20181105_19:11:18-8911.jpg.aes256 JPEG 933x600 933x600+0+0 8-bit sRGB 92988B 0.000u 0:00.000
$ display ./20181105_19\:11\:18-8911.jpg.aes256


$ file 20181105_19_11_18-8911.jpg.aes256.jpg.aes256
20181105_19_11_18-8911.jpg.aes256.jpg.aes256: data
$ ls -la 201811*
-rw-r--r-- 1 matoken matoken 92988 11月  5 19:30 20181105_19:11:18-8911.jpg.aes256
-rw-r--r-- 1 matoken matoken 93004 11月  5 21:46 20181105_19_11_18-8911.jpg.aes256.jpg.aes256
$ dpkg-query -W golang git bash
bash    4.4.18-3.1
git     1:2.19.1-1
golang  2:1.10~5
$ lsb_release -d
Description:    Debian GNU/Linux unstable (sid)
$ uname -m


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