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screenfetchやneofetchと同じようなものですが,shell script 1本で動いてロゴが可愛いです.

$ git clone https://github.com/dylanaraps/pfetch
$ pfetch/pfetch
  _____      matoken@t430s
 /  __ \     os     Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid
|  /    |    host   23533KJ ThinkPad T430s
|  \___-     kernel 5.2.0-2-amd64
-_           uptime 8d 3h 7m
  --_        pkgs   5796
             memory 13560M / 15924M



$ grep PF_ASCII: pfetch -A999|grep \*\)

環境変数 PF_INFOPF_ASCII で指定したものを表示できるようです.そこでこういうscriptで表示して,

use strict;
use warnings;
use Time::HiRes 'sleep';

my @LIST=('alpine','android','arch','arco','artix','centos','debian','dragonfly','elementary','fedora','freebsd','gentoo','guixsd','haiku','hyperbola','lite','linux','macos','mageia','manjaro','mint','minix','mx','netbsd','nixos','openbsd','suse','parabola','pop!_os','pureos','slackware','sunos','ubuntu','void');

foreach my $dist ( sort @LIST ){
  my $pfetch = `clear`;
  $pfetch .= "$dist\n";
  $pfetch .= `PF_INFO=ascii PF_ASCII=$dist pfetch`;
  print $pfetch;
`PF_INFO=ascii pfetch > /dev/null`;
print "done\n";


pfetch logos
$ ttyrec pfetch.tty # 録画開始
$ perl pfetch-logo.pl # logo表示
$ exit  # 録画終了
$ vi pfetch.tty # テキストエディタで頭と最後のゴミ削除
$ resize -s 11 25 # terminalを小さくしておく
$ ttygif -in pfetch.tty # gifに書き出し
$ WINDOWID=`xdotool getactivewindow` ttygif -in pfetch.tty # `cannot get screenshot` と言われる場合

元のロゴはこの ufetch の一部が使われているよう.こちらにはRaspbianもありますね.

ufetch raspbian

$ git clone https://gitlab.com/jschx/ufetch
$ find ./ufetch/ -name "ufetch-*" -executable \! -name "*.png" -print0 | sort -n | xargs -0 -n1 -I{} sh -c "{} 2>/dev/null; sleep 0.5"
$ git log -1
commit 1ff17055b958fb2436bb9810bfba0d97c64390a4 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Dylan Araps <dylan.araps@gmail.com>
Date:   Tue Oct 1 15:09:43 2019 +0300

    pfetch: fix bug
$ ttygif -v # https://github.com/sugyan/ttygif
$ ls -l `which sh`
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Jul 19 03:15 /usr/bin/sh -> dash
$ dpkg-query -W dash perl ttyrec
perl    5.28.1-6
ttyrec  1.0.8-5+b2
$ lsb_release -dr
Description:    Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid
Release:        unstable
$ uname -m



よくデスクトップのキャプチャを取得するときに表示されているScreenfetchコマンドというものがあります.システムの情報とアスキーアートを素敵に表示してくれます. これににたものでNetfetchというものを見かけたので試してみました.こちらは画像も扱えるようです.



Debian sid/stretchにはパッケージがあるようなことが書かれていますが,

Neofetch is in Debian Unstable/Stretch's official repositories.



$ #-- /etc/apt/sources.list.d/neofetch を作る
$ sudo apt edit-sources neofetch
$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/neofetch.list
deb http://dl.bintray.com/dawidd6/neofetch jessie main
$ #-- 鍵のインポート
$ wget "https://bintray.com/user/downloadSubjectPublicKey?username=bintray" -O Release-neofetch.key
$ gpg Release-neofetch.key
pub   rsa4096 2015-02-17 [SC]
uid           Bintray (by JFrog) <bintray@bintray.com>
sub   rsa4096 2015-02-17 [E]
$ sudo apt-key add Release-neofetch.key
$ rm Release-neofetch.key
$ #-- pkg情報更新&pkg導入
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install neofetch


$ neofetch --help


    USAGE: neofetch --option "value" --option "value"

    NOTE: There's also a config option for each flag below.

    --disable infoname          Allows you to disable an info line from appearing
                                in the output.
                                NOTE: You can supply multiple args. eg.
                                'neofetch --disable cpu gpu disk shell'
                                NOTE: The arguments must all be lowercase.
    --os_arch on/off            Hide/Show OS architecture.
    --speed_type type           Change the type of cpu speed to display.
                                Possible values: current, min, max, bios,
                                scaling_current, scaling_min, scaling_max
                                NOTE: This only support Linux with cpufreq.
    --cpu_shorthand type        Shorten the output of CPU
                                Possible values: name, speed, tiny, on, off
    --cpu_cores type            Whether or not to display the number of CPU cores
                                Takes: logical, physical, off
                                NOTE: 'physical' doesn't work on BSD.
    --cpu_speed on/off          Hide/Show cpu speed.
    --cpu_temp on/off           Hide/Show cpu temperature.
                                NOTE: This only works on Linux and BSD.
                                NOTE: For FreeBSD-based systems, you need to enable coretemp
                                      kernel module.
    --distro_shorthand on/off   Shorten the output of distro (tiny, on, off)
                                NOTE: This option won't work in Windows (Cygwin)
    --kernel_shorthand on/off   Shorten the output of kernel
                                NOTE: This option won't work in BSDs (except PacBSD and PC-BSD)
    --uptime_shorthand on/off   Shorten the output of uptime (tiny, on, off)
    --refresh_rate on/off       Whether to display the refresh rate of each monitor
                                Unsupported on Windows
    --gpu_brand on/off          Enable/Disable GPU brand in output. (AMD/NVIDIA/Intel)
    --gtk_shorthand on/off      Shorten output of gtk theme/icons
    --gtk2 on/off               Enable/Disable gtk2 theme/icons output
    --gtk3 on/off               Enable/Disable gtk3 theme/icons output
    --shell_path on/off         Enable/Disable showing $SHELL path
    --shell_version on/off      Enable/Disable showing $SHELL version
    --ip_host url               Url to query for public IP
    --song_shorthand on/off     Print the Artist/Title on seperate lines
    --birthday_shorthand on/off Shorten the output of birthday
    --birthday_time on/off      Enable/Disable showing the time in birthday output
    --birthday_format format    Format the birthday output. (Uses 'date' cmd format)

    Text Formatting:
    --colors x x x x x x        Changes the text colors in this order:
                                title, @, underline, subtitle, colon, info
    --underline on/off          Enable/Disable the underline.
    --underline_char char       Character to use when underlining title
    --bold on/off               Enable/Disable bold text

    Color Blocks:
    --color_blocks on/off       Enable/Disable the color blocks
    --block_width num           Width of color blocks in spaces
    --block_height num          Height of color blocks in lines
    --block_range start end     Range of colors to print as blocks

    --bar_char 'elapsed char' 'total char'
                                Characters to use when drawing bars.
    --bar_border on/off         Whether or not to surround the bar with '[]'
    --bar_length num            Length in spaces to make the bars.
    --bar_colors num num        Colors to make the bar.
                                Set in this order: elapsed, total
    --cpu_display mode          Bar mode.
                                Takes: bar, infobar, barinfo, off
    --memory_display mode       Bar mode.
                                Takes: bar, infobar, barinfo, off
    --battery_display mode      Bar mode.
                                Takes: bar, infobar, barinfo, off
    --disk_display mode         Bar mode.
                                Takes: bar, infobar, barinfo, off

    --image type                Image source. Where and what image we display.
                                Possible values: wall, ascii,
                                /path/to/img, /path/to/dir/, off
    --size 00px | --size 00%    How to size the image.
                                Possible values: auto, 00px, 00%, none
    --crop_mode mode            Which crop mode to use
                                Takes the values: normal, fit, fill
    --crop_offset value         Change the crop offset for normal mode.
                                Possible values: northwest, north, northeast,
                                west, center, east, southwest, south, southeast

    --xoffset px                How close the image will be to the left edge of the
                                window. This only works with w3m.
    --yoffset px                How close the image will be to the top edge of the
                                window. This only works with w3m.
    --bg_color color            Background color to display behind transparent image.
                                This only works with w3m.
    --gap num                   Gap between image and text.
                                NOTE: --gap can take a negative value which will
                                move the text closer to the left side.
    --clean                     Delete cached files and thumbnails.

    --ascii value               Where to get the ascii from, Possible values:
                                distro, /path/to/ascii
    --ascii_colors x x x x x x  Colors to print the ascii art
    --ascii_distro distro       Which Distro's ascii art to print
                                NOTE: Arch and Ubuntu have 'old' logo varients.
                                NOTE: Use 'arch_old' or 'ubuntu_old' to use the old logos.
                                NOTE: Ubuntu has flavor varients.
                                NOTE: Change this to 'Lubuntu', 'Xubuntu', 'Ubuntu-GNOME'
                                or 'Ubuntu-Budgie' to use the flavors.
    --ascii_logo_size           Size of ascii logo.
                                Supported distros: Arch, Gentoo, Crux, OpenBSD.
    --ascii_bold on/off         Whether or not to bold the ascii logo.
    --logo | -L                 Hide the info text and only show the ascii logo.

    --scrot | -s /path/to/img   Take a screenshot, if path is left empty the screen-
                                shot function will use $scrot_dir and $scrot_name.
    --upload | -su /pth/t/img   Same as --scrot but uploads the scrot to a website.
    --image_host                Website to upload scrots to. Takes: imgur, teknik
    --scrot_cmd cmd             Screenshot program to launch

    --config /path/to/config    Specify a path to a custom config file
    --config none               Launch the script without a config file
    --help                      Print this text and exit
    --version                   Show neofetch version
    -v                          Display error messages.
    -vv                         Display a verbose log for error reporting.

オプション結構多いです. とりあえず素で実行.




次は画像を指定してみます.画像サイズが大きかったので25%に縮小もしています. 楽しい :)